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  • Penetration Testers – Web Applications, Infrastructure, Database Security Audit

    7Safe, a PA Group Company is not your average company of penetration testers. As part of PA Consulting Group, we offer a comprehensive spread of services, working with a prestigious base of clients throughout the world in penetration testing and web application security.    Our passion for penetration testing  means  providing you with the maximum value by finding and helping to eliminate security weaknesses. Contact us now to benefit from our world renowned team of penetration testers’  technical expertise and outstanding level of client service.

    Our penetration testers work from both an external and internal perspective; At completion of our testing we provide you with a detailed report, which includes recommended actions for improving your security measures. Sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking”, penetration testing is an active evaluation of an organisation’s information security measures.

    A penetration test can significantly help safeguard against many network security threats, including financial compromise, damage to reputation, business risk exposure, unwanted legal issues and loss of internet presence.

    With the advent of sophisticated, automated exploitation tools and “point-and-click” hacking, anyone with a network connection (internet, corporate, internal) is potentially vulnerable. However, there are effective steps that can be taken to anticipate and mitigate the risks for organisations both large and small.

    We run these tests to identify and assess potential threats to software applications, including bespoke or proprietary systems.

    Penetration testing and application security assessments are as we all know essentially technical audits, providing assurance that security vulnerabilities and flaws are mitigated and the likelihood of becoming hacked is significantly reduced.

    Sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking“, penetration testing is an active evaluation of an organisation’s information security measures.

    7Safe is a CREST accredited penetration testing company working across the globe reflecting the importance we give to ethical hacking and demonstrating a level of technical attainment. Our team of pen testers and support staff strives to build long-term relationships, sharing knowledge into the classroom through our Ethical Hacking Training courses such as the CSTA.

    What makes 7Safe different is not only the fact that we are accredited and have a strong research and development function which keeps the team’s skills sharp; It is our communication and quality of service to our clients making the engagement personal, interactive and focused.

    7Safe is a CREST Approved Pen Testing Company












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    Penetration Testers - Web Applications, Infrastructure, Database Security Audit, 4.2 out of 5 based on 81 ratings
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